Communicating is not always easy, as a marketing agency in Granada we can find the key to achieving the target customer. We, at Marketing Live Trade Show, like our clients to tell us their stories, why they started, and the reasons why they want to change their businesses.

We orient our work towards SMEs and freelancers, bringing digital marketing services closer to all levels. We are specialized in both online and offline marketing because the ON, I can not live without the OFF. We are also specialized in graphic design, web design, social ads, and communication.

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We enter each project as if it were our own, putting ourselves in the shoes of our client to get the most out of it. We tell the story of each client through their identity and their online and offline communication strategy.

“Marketing is not about the things you do, it’s about the stories you tell.” – Seth Godin


We are driven to help small and medium businesses

and provide them with a strong, current, and consistent picture. Improve the relationship with your customers in order to retain them and create long-term links to exploit their maximum potential.


Closeness, Personalization, and Engagement

Each project is a blank canvas with a unique differential value. We believe in the human value that is brought to each project to make it stand out. We work transparently and humbly thinking for and for our customers.

Marketing Live Trade Show Philosophy

Action and Reaction. At Marketing Live Trade Show we are available for you and your company when you need it and, of course, we take care that your business is up to date with all digital news.

If you are trying to sell online with your company, or position your website in Google or locally, Lemon Yellow works looking exclusively for the profitability of the business to ensure the highest probability of success on the network. We collaborate with different companies in the province of Granada seeking to achieve the maximum possible sales through their website.

Professionalism and specialization. Speed and efficiency. Creativity. Troubleshooting. Relationship from you to you.