Principles of our work

  1. Marketing in its purest form

We are a large team of professionals excited and passionate about marketing. Our mission is to advise our clients so that their ideas become reality. We understand marketing holistically.

  1. Be different!

If you are looking to differentiate yourself from your competition, trusting Marketing Live Trade Show is betting on a unique, original, and quality service. We differentiate ourselves by controlling all phases of the process, without the need for intermediaries.

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  1. We adapt to the wishes of the client

Like the tailor of suits, in Marketing Live Trade Show we adapt to the last millimeter to the needs of our clients, which translate into personalized strategies and plans to achieve their objectives.

  1. Being a perfectionist is not synonymous with high prices

Because we control the entire marketing process, we can adapt to all budgets, offering high-quality work, with a guarantee, in the best conditions, and on deadlines.

  1. Guarantee

Marketing Live Trade Show is a guarantee of success, as more than 150 companies have already verified that over more than 15 years have placed their trust in us.

In Marketing Live Trade Show we can achieve the desirable with the best quality, something that has always been reflected in our work. Our main objective has been to know and analyze the needs of our clients to offer them creative, unique, and attractive proposals. With our work, we generate sensations, create experiences, connect people, and go beyond a marketing agency because we take care of each phase of the marketing process.

Marketing Live Trade Show is your Advertising Agency in Granada, why?

We work and grow your business or company. We love professional challenges and; Every day we improve looking for new strategies and tools that appear in the world of marketing and communication. All with maximum motivation and getting involved to enhance your company.

With attention and with great detail. We listen to the needs of our customers and turn them into good and fast results for your company or business. New strategies, new currents, and new challenges appear every day in this great world of marketing, we adapt them with skill offering the best-personalized service.

We are a team. That two heads think more than one for us is not just a saying. At Marketing Live Trade Show we combine our knowledge and professional profiles to get the best out of our team. We know that, by doing so, we achieve the best results. We use one hundred percent of our analytical and creative skills, to grow your business and so that you have the best corporate image.